Best Ceiling Fan and Prices in Nigeria 2022/2023

Best ceiling fan and prices in Nigeria: It is very essential to search for reliable and credible information before purchasing any product. You can choose from a number of ceiling fans in the Nigerian market today. This means that there are a lot of ceiling fans manufactured by different companies. But the major question here is; 

Which one of these ceiling fans is the best? 

Anyways, your search intent regarding the cost of the Best ceiling fan in Nigeria will be satisfied.

Ceiling Fans are cooling devices that run on batteries or electricity and may be used and recharged simultaneously to conserve energy and be used when there is no electricity supply. The ceiling fan provides ventilation when there is a lot of heat. However, we are not only going to highlight the most excellent ceiling fan in Nigeria, we will also provide you with the price of the machine. NAIRAPRICE.COM.NG will give you accurate, and reliable information about the best ceiling fan.

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Moving forward, as you have already known, Fan is one of the most important machines you must have at home.

Therefore, spending time researching the Best ceiling fan and prices is worthwhile. If you decide you want a ceiling fan, spend your money on a reliable company that produces units with superior cooling capabilities and has high durability. LG Company, in addition to QASA, and OX is a fantastic brand you should take into consideration if you’re seeking for an excellent ceiling fan. Therefore, top ceiling fans and prices are covered in-depth in this post, especially if you’re in Nigeria.

Therefore, top ceiling fans and prices are covered in-depth in this post, especially if you’re in Nigeria. But before we discuss the most excellent ceiling fans and their prices, a little introduction is essential.

About Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans of the Punkah style are based on the earliest type of fan, which was created in India approximately 500 BC. These are made of a pretty large blade that moves slowly and pendulously that was cut from an Indian palmyra leaf. These punkahs move air by moving back and forth. Originally powered manually by a cord[1], they are now electrically powered by a mechanism that uses a belt drive. It does not produce an airflow like a revolving fan does, but rather a soft breeze.

Originally, a ceiling fan powered by a water wheel was built in the dining room of the home in Perry’s Camp.

In the United States, rotary ceiling fans originally debuted in the early 1860s and 1870s. They had no electric motors of any kind at that time. Instead, a turbine and a stream of running water were employed to power a system of belts that turned the blades of two-blade fan units. Because these systems could support many fan units, they were common in shops, eateries, and workplaces. These systems still exist in some places today, particularly in the southern United States, where they first showed their value.

Philip Diehl created the electrically operated ceiling fan in 1882. In 1882, he modified the electric motor he had designed for use in the first electrically powered Singer sewing machines to be utilized in a ceiling-mounted fan. Because each fan has its own independent motor unit, a belt drive was not necessary. [2]

Due to the commercial success of the ceiling fan, he was immediately up against intense competition. He kept refining his creation, eventually producing a light kit that was attached to the ceiling fan to perform both tasks in a single piece. By the start of World War I, the majority of ceiling fans were constructed with four blades as opposed to the original two, which increased airflow and reduced noise. Early turn-of-the-century businesses like what is now known as the Hunter Fan Company, Robbins & Myers, Century Electric, Westinghouse Corporation, and Emerson Electric were successful in commercializing the selling of ceiling fans in the United States.

Ceiling fans started to become popular internationally and in most American homes by the 1920s. From the 1930s Great Depression until the arrival of electric air conditioning in the 1950s, ceiling fans gradually lost popularity in the United States. By the 1960s, those that were still in use were regarded as memorabilia. source

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Best ceiling fan and prices in Nigeria 2022/2023

LG New Premium Ceiling Fan

LG New Premium Ceiling Fan is one of the best ceiling fans, it costs #20,000 to 30,000 depending on the location.

Key features

  • Biomechanically designed blades for quieter operation
  • Dual Wings for Natural Airflow
  • 40 Pole Energy Efficient 30W Inverter Motor
  • Remote Control
  • Sleep Mode & Auto Off timer
  • ThinQ – Wifi

Sleek and Premium Design

LG Ceiling Fan’s premium and Uni-Body design makes easy maintenance and convenient cleaning, thanks to the highest flexural modulus from LG Chem’s ABS. LG Premium LED display is perfect for checking the settings you need.


  • Sweep 1200mm Blades3


  • RPM 250 Service Value7.3
  • Air Delivery 220CMM


  • Consumption30.0W (when Additional Function is Off)Power Input230/50 (V/Hz)


  • Motor TypeInverter Motor Motor Output21W
  • Motor InsulationE-Class


  • Net1200 x 482 x 1200 (mm) Shipping663 x 328 x 430 (mm)


  • Net 3.7Kg Shipping 6.5Kg
Best ceiling fan and prices in Nigeria 2022/2023
Best Ceiling Fan and Prices in Nigeria


As you have already known, OX usually emerges in our list of best fans. This means that Ox CEILING FAN IMPERIAL 56 is also one of the best ceiling fans. The cost of Ox CEILING FAN IMPERIAL 56″ – White in Nigeria ranges from #9,000 to #14,000. This ceiling fan complements your interior beautifully with its elegant white color and design accents on the flanges. This fan is perfect for your beautifully furnished interiors; it can even be utilized in larger rooms where better air circulation is needed. The Fan is available with a variety of interior styles for those who place a strong priority on appearances. Along with its attractive appearance, this ceiling fan can provide you with equally potent performance.


  • Unique fancy design 
  • Strong wind power
  • Outstanding durability 
  • Design to perfection 
  • High speed fan
Best ceiling fan and prices in Nigeria 2022/2023
Best Ceiling Fan and Prices in Nigeria

Qasa Solar Ceiling Fan AC/DC

Qasa ceiling fan is also one of the best, Qasa Solar Ceiling Fan AC/DC price in Nigeria ranges from #20,000 to ₦ 31,000. There is no need to seek further than Qasa Qlink DC solar ceiling eiling FAN for the most energy-efficient solar ceiling fans. The blade diameter of this av12v 56-inch DC ceiling fan is made using Gossamer Wind Technology, which makes it blow quickly and cools the space. The only low voltage DC fan permitted to use these cutting-edge new fan blades is the Qasa 12v 56-inch DC Ceiling Fan.


  • speed electronic regulator that is easy to install
  • No noise distortion
  • Wider sweeping blades for more cooling power
  • Safety-wire protection
  • Durable, technologically advanced motor
  • Thermal safety fuse
  • Can work with solar panel or 12V DC battery or 12V.DC adapter, Solar Panel and Battery not included
  • DC Brushless motor 
Best ceiling fan and prices in Nigeria 2022/2023
Best Ceiling Fan and Prices in Nigeria

What is the price of a ceiling fan?

The cost of ceiling fan in Nigeria range from #5,000 to #50,000.

Are ceiling fans any good?

Based on our thorough analysis, ceiling fan is quite good but, you cannot compare it to air conditional.

Which model of ceiling fan is best?

According to our research, the best ceiling fan is Qasa Solar Ceiling Fan AC/DC. Try to note that, all ceiling fans listed here are good.

What is the Best Shopping Store to Purchase ceiling fans Online in Nigeria?

The answer is Jumia Nigeria, where you can simply get a ceiling fan on the world market for a very reasonable price.

Is Jumia a Trustworthy Site to Shop ceiling fan?

Jumia is a reputable e-commerce website that has been online for a long period. It uses HTTPS and is SSL-certified for security. In order to completely protect the safety and security of our vital client data and money, our payment procedure is safeguarded with cutting-edge encryption methods. Buying a rechargeable fan on Jumia is safe.

Wrapping Up rechargeable fan price in Nigeria

You have to be aware that ceiling fan price in Nigeria can be slightly different in each state or store.

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