Best Office Chairs and Price in Nigeria 2022/2023

Best Office Chairs and Price in Nigeria: You being here simply means you are looking for the best Office Chairs you could possibly find in Nigeria and their prices. So, I am going to advise you to stick with me to the very end!

In this post, I will not only be giving you the best Office chairs and their price but also their features and everything you need to know about office chairs. I will make this very simple for you, so you could decide on which one is the best for your office!

When it comes to choosing Office chair, there are so many factors to consider. Among them are, Price, quality e.t.c oh, forgive me, I didn’t mention type, which I think it’s one of the top factors to consider when looking for office chairs!

So, without wasting much time, which office chair is the best and what is its price in Nigeria?

Best Office Chairs and Price in Nigeria

Like I said, there are some factors you need to consider before purchasing an office chair. Among them, I made mention of price, quality, and size. There are others like, cash at hand, needs, size, brand quality, Aesthetic Value, and others! So, before we move on to the price of some of the best Office chairs in Nigeria, let me quickly talk on some factors you need to consider first before you purchase office chair(s).

Factors to Consider when Buying Office Chairs

  1. Price/cost of the office chair
  2. Size
  3. Brand quality.
  4. Cash at hand
  5. Types

Although, there are several factors but these seven are the key factors. So, stay with me while I quickly break this down for you before we move on to the best Office chair and price in Nigeria.


  1. Price/Cost of the Office chair: First and foremost, this goes hand in hand with cash at hand and other qualities. After a thorough scrutinizing of the office chair you wish to buy, you then compare it with the price. You ask yourself, “is this chair worth this price?”. Once you are able to convince yourself that it is worth it, then you go for it, that is if the cash at hand is enough to buy it. So, the major reason why you need to consider the price of the office chair, is simply to ask yourself if it actually worth the price! Moving on…
  2. Size of the Office chair: This is also an important factor to consider! Are you buying the office chair for yourself or are you buying it for many. This is because you won’t want to make your office chair uncomfortable for yourself or your workers. So, you need to consider your height, weight and how far you are and then choose the most fitting office chair for yourself. On to the next factor…
  3. Brand Quality: Another factor is brand quality! Brand name really matters a lot. Reputation is in the hand of others, they say. What people think about you or your product is not controllable, the only thing you can control is your character, and if it is a product, then the quality of your product. I will explain this with a question! You want to buy a phone in Nigeria now, and they give you two types. One is Infinix and the other one has no brand name or they tell you it is “Chinko”. Both have the same spec and price or even that “Chinko” has a lesser price. Which one will you go for? I believe you will choose what is best for you.
  4. Cash at hand: Okay! This factor is not cheat able! You can’t! Let assume you are going for a brand and you didn’t see it, you can go for another or assuming you are going for a size 10 but you see size 9.5, you can still go for that one but when it comes to cash at hand, you have no way to cut around it! So, while you are checking the brand quality, the sizes, the types and other factors, cash at hand must always be at the back of your mind!
  5. Types of Office Chair: We all have something we love! There are several types of Office chairs you can go for. We have Victory R swivel, Ergonomic mesh headrest, Moq ergonomic mesh etc. So, you go for the one you like! Others are Aesthetic value, need, space in your office, office acoustics, office desk, warranty etc.

Now that you know the factors you need to consider when buying an office chair, let’s move on to the best Office chair and price in Nigeria.

Best Office Chairs and Price in Nigeria

The following are the best Office chairs and their prices in Nigeria;

Victory R Swivel Office Chair

The cost of a Victory R Swivel Office chair ranges from ₦40,000 to ₦70,000. There are different sizes and the price is proportional to the size. So, you go for the one that best fit your body!

Best Office Chairs and Price in Nigeria

Ergonomic Mesh Headrest Office Chair

The price of Ergonomic Mesh Headrest Office chair ranges from ₦50,000 to ₦80,000. Also, there are different sizes and their prices depend on the size! 

Best Office Chairs and Price in Nigeria

Office Executive Mesh Chair

The Price of an Office Executive Mesh Chair ranges from ₦70,000 to ₦120,000. 

Office Executive Mesh Chair

Breathable Office Chair Ergonomic Lifting Armrest

The cost of the Breathable Office Chair Ergonomic Lifting Armrest ranges from ₦105,000 to ₦150,000. 

Breathable Office Chair Ergonomic Lifting Armrest

Others are; 

  • Diplomat St003d Executive Office Chair – ₦80,500 – ₦120,000
  • Leather Office, Visitor And Conference Chair – ₦25,000 – ₦40,000
  • Modern 3 IN 1 PU Leather Visitors Waiting Chair – ₦100,000 – ₦150,000
  • FURGLE Computer Racing Gaming Ergonomic Chair + Footrest – ₦200,000 – ₦450,000
  • Height Adjustable Bar Stool – ₦36,000 – ₦70,000
  • Fabric Visitor’s Office Chair – ₦25,000 – ₦55,000
  • Slim Tab Meeting/Training Office Chairs – ₦35,000 – ₦ 105,000

Features of Office Chairs

Sitting on a chair that is not ergonomically designed can cause physical damage to your body. You can have back pain, body ache, bad posture and others. 

So, when buying an office chair, you need to look into the following features;

  1. Arm rest 
  2. Stability
  3. Seat pan characteristics
  4. Leather/clothing Material
  5. Backrest
  6. Seat height
  7. And generally, comfortability.

Where can You buy Office Chair in Nigeria

You could purchase office chairs in Nigeria online. There are so many e-commerce websites online you can buy Office chairs from but I will suggest Jiji. Jiji is a good place to purchase an office chair. 

You can also purchase office chairs from furniture stores. I think this is the best place to buy it because you will be able to adequately examine what you want to buy!

Frequently Asked Questions about Office Chair

A lot of questions are being asked about office chairs on a daily basis. So, we have gathered some of the questions together with short but well explanatory answers to them here. 

What is the best office chair for sitting long hours?

The following are the best office chairs for sitting for long hours;

  1. Office Executive Mesh Chair
  2. Ergonomic Mesh Headrest Office Chair
  3. Victory R Swivel Office Chair
  4. Steelcase Gesture Chair
  5. Homall Gaming Chair PU Leather Desk
  6. Steelcase Leap Chair
  7. AvoChair
  8. ErgoChair Core
  9. ErgoChair Recline
  10. ErgoChair Pro

How long do office chairs last?

Between 5 and 10 years

An office chair should typically last between five and ten years before needing to be replaced. When buying a chair, it is important to keep in mind that many various elements, both positive and negative, might influence this number.

What type of chair is best for back pain?

FelixKing Ergonomic Desk Chair

It has an adjustable height and back with 360-degrees of swivel allowing it to move and adjust to your needs. The elastic back is designed to support the curve of the entire spine. The high-density sponge seat cushion is designed to fit the natural shape of a person’s buttocks, providing comfort for hours.

How much does a good office chair cost?

₦50,000 to ₦200,000.

With that price, you can see a good office chair. Although, some high quality ergonomic chairs cost more than that!

Are office chairs better than normal chairs?

Simple answer to this question is Yes. 

The typical office worker may be spending excessive amounts of time in the incorrect office chair, which might be seriously harming their health. Investing in an ergonomic office chair can significantly enhance posture, ease back pain, and boost productivity.

What Chairs Do CEO use?

Eames chairs.

Eames chairs have been associated with quality and durability for a long time. It is the chair most CEOs use.

Summary on Best Office Chairs and Price in Nigeria

To wrap this up, the office chairs mentioned above are the best office chairs you could possibly find in Nigeria. So, you can go for the one that fits your need and cash at hand!

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