Best Single Futon Chair Bed and Prices in Nigeria 2022/2023

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Knowing a few things about a product before purchasing it is highly recommended. A few things, including price ranges, product Features, types, etc. This is where comes in. 

So, in this article, I will give you full details on the Best single futon chair bed and prices in Nigeria.

So, without much further ado, let’s get down to business!

What is Futon Bed

A Futon is a type of mattress, used originally in Japan, that could be rolled out onto the floor for sleeping then rolled, or folded up, for room space during the day. They can be converted into chairs when not in used during the day and converter back to bed at night.

Factors to Consider Before buying a Single Futon Chair Bed

The following are the major factors you need to consider before buying a futon chair bed;

  1. Choose the best futon frame.
  2. Choose a befitting size.
  3. Consider your Budget/Cash at hand.
  4. Consider the Price/cost of the futon chair bed.
  5. Buy a futon bed that has high durability.
  6. Brand Quality and reputation is another factor you need to consider when buying a futon chair bed.
  7. Make sure the Materials used is of high quality.
  8. Choose one that has high Comfortability.
  9. Go for a futon chair bed that has warranty and return policy
  10. Choose a Colour, Style and pattern that suit your taste

Well, those are the factors you need to keep in mind when buying a futon chair bed. Make sure, you check what you want to buy very well, and make sure it satisfies your needs. 

Check what you want to buy very well without rushing. Remember, it is your money!

Best Single Futon Chair Bed and Prices in Nigeria

Euro Single Futon Chair

Extremely user-friendly fold-out mechanism. One of the well-liked things for saving room when sleeping is this single futon chair.

Steel-framed, fabric, dual-purpose chairs and beds! Poly Foam is used throughout. It has support from the seat and back-folding legs. The back has a click-clack mechanism for adjusting the headrests. This multipurpose item can be used as a chair, a lounger, or, of course, as a twin-size bed when laid flat. The Euro can be readily fitted into any room that needs a little sleeping area because to its simple lines and variety of color options.


  • Colour: Beige
  • Chair Size: 36.2″W x 29.92″H x 33.5″D
  • Bed Size: 36.2″W x 77.2″L
  • Known by the manufacturer as LK06-1.

Price of Euro Single Futon Chair in Nigeria

The Price of Euro Single Futon Chair – Beige in Nigeria ranges from N200,000 to N450,000.

Best Single Futon Chair Bed and Prices in Nigeria

Roxy Sleep Plus Single Futon

The Roxy Sleeper is ideal for smaller city apartments, an office, spare room or anywhere you may need an extra sleeper. Each of the six color variants has leatherette on the base and arms to further the contemporary look. The Roxy’s wood and chrome accent that tops the arms is by far its most recognizable feature. The Roxy is a clever fit for any area thanks to its size, elegance, and utility.

The opening and closing mechanisms are made of a sturdy metal that rolls in and out for simple opening and closing even when against a wall and is resistant to twisting and bending. It includes a sizable ornamental pillow.

Need to sleep Two? The Roxy is available in a love seat size perfect for Two.


  • Chair size: 41″W 43″D 35″H   
  • Bed size: 30″x75″
  • Known as the Sleep Plus by the manufacturer.
  • Weight: 136 lbs
  • Dimensions: 41 × 43 × 35 in

Price of Roxy Sleep Plus Single Futon in Nigeria

The cost of Roxy Sleep Plus Single Futon in Nigeria ranges from N350,000 to N700,000.

Roxy Sleep Plus Single Futon

Best Single Futon Chair Bed and Prices in Nigeria

You can find the best single futon chair bed at a price range as low as N150,000 and as high as N1 Million plus. It depends on the size, types and quality of the materials used.

Where can you buy Single Futon Chair Bed in Nigeria

You can purchase Single Futon Chair bed from online e-commerce websites like Jumia and Jiji. Also, you can purchase from furniture stores in Nigeria. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Single Futon Chair Bed

Are futons good for sitting?

Yes, Futons are good for sitting.

The structure is topped with a futon mattress, which offers comfort when used for sitting or sleeping. Your futon is a piece of furniture that has multiple uses since it is a bed frame with a mattress that can also be used as a seat.

Are futons cheaper than beds?

They cost less than conventional beds and are really simple to clean. When not in use, they may be conveniently stored because to their sturdy and breathable cotton construction.

What makes a good futon?

The best futons don’t contain any synthetic materials. Instead, the entire futon is constructed from cotton. When compared to alternative sleeping options, the futon is more environmentally friendly due to the use of natural materials, especially when you take into account how strong and long-lasting these materials are.

Conclusion on Single Futon Chair Bed and Prices in nigeria

With all things being said, I hope you find the Futon chair bed that fits your style and taste.

Be aware that the prices may vary slightly between stores.

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