POP Ceiling Price in Nigeria 2022/2023

Are you looking for an original pop ceiling price in Nigeria, or about to buy one and want to know the best types to buy? Then keep reading because NAIRAPRICE has brought you the full cost of pop ceiling in Nigeria.

In this post, we will answer the question – how much is pop ceiling in Nigeria? That’s not all, but you’ll also get some additional information about pop ceiling, why to buy them, as well as their demerits.

More so, you’ll also see things to watch out for while buying pop ceilings in Nigeria, factors that affect the prices of pop ceilings, and also where to buy pop ceilings in Nigeria.

Are you ready to know all that? Let’s get started then!

About POP Ceiling

Pop ceiling price

POP simply means Plaster of Paris. These are ceilings that are made of powder, which the mixture with water, and then applied to a chicken net. After that, all will be attached to a metal framing system which after dried, it becomes the beautiful POP ceiling.

With all these manufacturing and making processes, you could be sure that making a POP ceiling takes time, although the beauty pays off after installation.

Without a doubt, POP ceiling beauties a room and also make way for more decorations, unlike the local abestors ceiling where plain painting is the only beautiful decoration that can be applied.

Many modern homes now use the POP ceiling system, which I believe you want yours too that is why you’re looking for the price of POP ceiling in Nigeria. Well, let’s see how much it may cost.

POP Ceiling Price in Nigeria

POP ceilings could cost between ₦3,000 – ₦5,500 per square meter in Nigeria. That simply means it will cost you at least ₦50,000 to install a POP ceiling in a single room in Nigeria.

Although that’s just an estimate, you may budget more especially if you’re about to use the POP ceiling for a big size room (e.g Living room).

More so, keep in mind that these prices are by no way the exact cost of POP in Nigeria, as there are lots of factors that affect it including location, cost of transportation, and so on. Also, note that installation prices may vary across the country based on contractors.

Why Buy POP Ceiling?

If it doesn’t come with benefits, I definitely wouldn’t be used by anyone. So, what are the advantages of POP ceiling?

  • Pop ceiling is fire resistant
  • It opens room for more amazing decorations to beautify a room
  • It is light weighted, and also durable
  • Pop ceiling hardly breaks
  • It hardly (or never) shrinks during installation
  • It helps reduces heat in the room
  • Pop ceiling is easy to level and spread
  • It can be redeemed into different shapes and styles
  • It serves as a great adhesion capacity on fibrous materials

All these are the main reasons why people use POP ceiling. Apart from the decorations, plaster of Paris (POP) looks more classic than local ceiling systems like abestors.

With that out of the way, let’s see some of the disadvantages, and why POP ceilings are not advisable in some situations.

Disadvantages of POP Ceiling

Like they usually say, “Everything with an advantage has disadvantages”, now what are the downsides I’m using a POP ceiling?

  • POP ceilings are expensive
  • It is not suitable for a moist environment
  • POP ceilings are not suitable for heavy objects (e.g hangers)
  • It is not suitable for the exterior ceiling system as it damages quickly in the presence of water.
  • It requires skilled professionals and expert contractors to install a POP ceiling
  • Maintenance could be overwhelming
  • Not all buildings can use POP ceilings.

Things to Consider While Buying POP Ceiling

Now that you know the POP ceiling price in Nigeria, as well as the advantages and disadvantages, to get the best types, here are some things to put into consideration.


Before budgeting for POP ceiling, it is ideal to first know if it suits your projects. Although POP fits many modern homes and also adds more beauty to the interior of a building, it may be the other way round for some buildings. So, be sure to contact a contractor to know if you can use a POP ceiling for your project.


Since POP is a modern ceiling system, it requires skillful professionals, and experts in the job to install POP ceilings. So you need to put into consideration the contractors you’ll hire in order to get the best and most satisfying job done.

Usually, some bricklayers so claim they can install POPs, but they end up with a terrible outcome. You would want to by all means avoid such people. That means it would be best to hire contractors that are based on POP ceiling only.


Usually, contractors do come with different quotations based on sizes, and materials, with the cost of POP ceiling provided for you here, you should be able to know the price range.

Cost of POP Ceiling – FAQs

How much is pop per square meter in Nigeria?

A square meter of POP ceiling could cost anything from 3,000 Naira to 5,500 Naira in Nigeria.

How much will it cost to do pop ceiling in Nigeria?

To do a POP ceiling in Nigeria, you need to budget at least 50,000 Naira per room. That means N50,000 multiplied by the number of rooms you want to install POP ceilings.

How much is pop per square meter in Lagos?

A meter of POP ceiling in Lagos could go for anything from 3,000 Naira to 5,500 Naira.

What is the cost of POP ceiling for 2 bedroom flat in Nigeria?

Installing pop ceilings in a 2 bedroom flat in Nigeria could cost at least 200,000 Naira.

What is a Pop ceiling price per room in Nigeria?

The cost of installing pop ceiling per room in Nigeria is at least 50,000 Naira.


POP ceilings help beautify and also open room for more decorations in a building, that’s why it is commonly used in modern houses these days.

With this post, I believe you’ve known the price of POP ceiling, and how much it would cost to install a POP ceiling per square meter, in a room, as well as a whole building in Nigeria.

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