Types of Parapet and Cost in Nigeria 2022/2023

Are you looking for the latest cost of parapet in Nigeria, or you’re looking to use one and want to know the best types of parapet in Nigeria and which one to go for? Then, you’re on the right blog.

In this post, I will show you not only the types of parapet in Nigeria, but also answer all related questions like; how much does it cost to do a parapet, what is the cost price of parapet, which parapet is good for building, and so on.

Want to get answers to all that and other related queries? Then keep reading for there’s still more to cover apart from the cost of parapet in Nigeria.

What is a Parapet

Cost of parapet

Parapet is a low protective wall along the edge of a roof, bridge, stairway, or balcony. It is designed either to prevent those behind it from falling over or to protect them from attack from the outside.

In other words, parapets can be constructed or built as simple or flat, tall or short extensions of the walls around the roof.

Usually in Nigeria, parapets serve as a fashion for roofing as it makes it more attractive than using a wooden face board that is common among Nigerian buildings.

The most popular parapet used In Nigeria is the one for roofing, as many modern houses now use it for their roofs usually as a design, but it serves more purposes than just to make a building roof beautiful.

Types of Parapet in Nigeria

While parapets are well used in Nigeria these days, and they serve different purposes, there is more than one type of parapet in Nigeria.

Here are the types of parapets in Nigeria.

  • Embattled parapet
  • Concrete parapet
  • Aluminum parapet
  • Paneled parapet
  • Plain parapet
  • Precast parapet
  • Perforated parapet

Other types include

  • Sloped Parapet
  • Curved parapet
  • Stepped parapet

While those (above) are the types of parapet in Nigeria, to help you make the best buying decisions, it is also important to know the best brands of parapet in Nigeria.

Best Parapet Brand in Nigeria

While talking about the brands of parapets in Nigeria, usually there are more than one, but talking about the best, you should be expecting less.

Here’s the best parapet brand in Nigeria.

  • Polystyrene parapet

Polystyrene parapet are the most popular and best to buy in Nigeria. Now, let’s see how much they cost.

Cost of Parapet in Nigeria

The price of a 1m aluminum parapet ranges from 11,000 to 17,000 Naira in Nigeria. The cost price of 1m precast parapet ranges between 8,500 to 15,000 Naira in Nigeria.

More so, the price of 1m concrete parapet in Nigeria ranges from 13,500 to 18,000 Naira in Nigeria. While a 300 by 450 (300×450) polystyrene parapet in Nigeria price ranges from 4,500 to 6,000 Naira in Nigeria. The prices of all sizes are below.

Since the prices may differ based on location and store/seller we can’t provide you with the actual price of parapet in Nigeria. We believe the price range above will help while looking to buy a parapet in Nigeria.

Other factors that determine the price of parapet in Nigeria include.

  • The type of framework, either wooden or mortar molding
  • Design of the parapet
  • Perimeter of the building
  • Height of the building.

Polystyrene Parapet Price in Nigeria

The following is the parapet price list in Nigeria for the polystyrene brand.

  • 300 by 450 Polystyrene Parapet — ₦4,500 – ₦6,000
  • Polystyrene Parapet 450mm X350mm — ₦5,000 – ₦6,500
  • 450mm x 400mm Parapet — ₦6,000 – ₦7,500
  • 300mm x 300mm expanded Polystyrene Parapet Fascia — ₦3,300 – ₦4,500
  • 420mm x 420mm Parapet Polystyrene — ₦5,500 — ₦7,000
  • 350mm by 350mm Polystyrene Parapet — ₦3,500 — ₦5,000
  • 450mm by 450mm Polystyrene Parapet — ₦6,500 – ₦8,000

Parapet Price in Nigeria FAQs

How much does it cost to build a parapet in Nigeria?

The cost of building a meter of parapet in Nigeria ranges from ₦3,300 to ₦17,000.

How much is parapet Roofing in Nigeria?

A meter of parapet in Nigeria ranges from 3000 to 17,000 Naira, therefore the cost of a parapet roofing will depend on the size of the building.

What is the cost of a 3 bedroom parapet?

A meter of parapet costs up to 17,000 therefore, the cost of a 3 bedroom parapet in Nigeria depends on the number of parapet meters needed by the constructor.


With parapets being a good design to use for all types of buildings, knowing how much it costs beforehand is important in order to make your budget.

With this post containing the best types of parapet and cost in Nigeria, I believe you’ve known how much a parapet may cost for a building.

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