Best Electric Fan and Prices in Nigeria [2022/2023]

Best Electric fan and prices in Nigeria: It is very essential to search for reliable and credible information before purchasing any product. You can choose from a number of electric fans in the Nigerian market today. This means that there are a lot of electric fans manufactured by different companies. But the major question here is; 

Which one of these electric fans is the best? 

Anyways, your search intent regarding the cost of the Best electric fan in Nigeria will be satisfied.

Electric Fans are cooling devices that run on batteries or electricity and may be used and recharged simultaneously to conserve energy and be used when there is no electricity supply. The electric fan provides ventilation when there is a lot of heat. However, we are not only going to highlight the most excellent electric fan in Nigeria, we will also provide you with the price of the machine. NAIRAPRICE.COM.NG will give you accurate, and reliable information about the best electric fan.

Read about the Best Standing Fan and Prices in Nigeria

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Moving forward, as you have already known, Fan is one of the most important machines you must have at home.

Therefore, spending time researching the Best electric fan and prices is worthwhile. If you decide you want a electric fan, spend your money on a reliable company that produces units with superior cooling capabilities and has high durability. LG Company, in addition to QASA, and OX is a fantastic brand you should take into consideration if you’re seeking for an excellent electric fan. Therefore, top electric fans and prices are covered in-depth in this post, especially if you’re in Nigeria.

Therefore, top electric fans and prices are covered in-depth in this post, especially if you’re in Nigeria. But before we discuss the most excellent electric fans and their prices, a little introduction is essential.

3 Best Electric fan and prices in Nigeria 2022/2023

Qasa Yoga 18 Inches Electric Standing Fan QSF-18YOGA

Qasa Yoga 18 Inches Electric Standing Fan QSF-18YOGA is also one of the best electric fan, it costs #17,000 to ₦ 26,900. No need to stay in the heat when you can get a low power consuming standing fan to get the breeze on you. Introducing the All new Qasa QSF-18YOGA. Oscillatory fan with a blade size of 18 inches. This fan has its adjustment capability from 120cm to 145cm height.It will help with the aesthetics beauty of your room or living room. Elegant in design and taste.


  • Adjustable height 120cm to 145cm
  • Aerodynamic ABS blades
  • High efficiency motor
  • Easy assembly base
  • Rated power: 75W
  • Rated current 1.35A
  • Fan size: 18”
  • Fan speed: High /Middle/Low
  • Non Rechargeable
Best Electric Fan and Prices in Nigeria

Smartc 18 Inches Velocity Standing Fan (Metal 3 Blades)Black

Smartc 18 Inches Velocity Standing Fan (Metal 3 Blades)Black is one of the best standing fan.

Black Smartc 18″ Velocity Standing Fan with Metal 3 Blades functions

  • Beat the heat by unwinding and relaxing with this 18 “stand-up fan It has three metal blades installed. This multi-blade design aims to increase airflow by 30%.
  • ‘WHISPER-QUIET OPERATION’: Keep the atmosphere in your home serene. The tri-curve grill cover on this stand-up fan helps to reduce wind turbulence and lowers noise levels by up to 20%.
  • ✅ “BUILT TOUGH” – Sick of using electric fans that malfunction after only a few weeks? This oscillating fan utilizes up to 5.9 m/s of airspeed and is powered by an extremely effective, all-copper motor.
  • ✅ CUSTOMIZE YOUR AIR FLOW – Set the ideal airflow for your ventilation requirements with ease. This 18 “Three distinct fan speeds are selectable on the built-in push-button control panel of the room fan.
  • ✅ FIND YOUR BEST ANGLE – With this high-speed fan’s complete 180-degree tilt, you can direct your cooling air upward, downward, or anywhere in between.
  • ✅ Join the Fan Club: This commercial pedestal fan’s lightweight aluminum fan blade design increases energy efficiency while lowering summertime cooling expenditures and temperature.
  • Welcome to the V Watch store to check out the different colors available for this item!


  • Rust free blade and net/guard
  • Elegance base
  • Easy to couple/assemble
  • Cost effective
  • High quality
Best Standing Fan and Prices in Nigeria [2022/2023]


The price of OX 18″ PLUS STANDING ELECTRIC FAN – 18 Inches. The cost of Ox 18″ PLUS STANDING ELECTRIC FAN – 18 Inches ranges from #9,000 to ₦ 11,890. The sturdy and distinctive Ox plus standing Fan. A good device for creating a calm and comfortable atmosphere is the Ox 18″ plus Standing Fan. It has wonderful features that will provide you with the best cooling possible. For a better cooling effect, tilt the fan’s height to the appropriate angle, or place it in a certain location. The fan’s 3-speed selection gives you complete control over the device by allowing you to choose how quickly the blades rotate. It features a strong foundation that assures its stability and prevents it from tipping. The fan’s blades are composed of rust-resistant material, ensuring years of service. The Ox Industrial Stand Fan’s very effective blades provide quick cooling of body temperature. You may use it anywhere, whether you’re working in the office or trying to get some rest at home, because it operates quietly. You enjoy versatility, quick cooling, and quiet operation with this standing fan. As long as there is a power outlet nearby, it can be utilized in any part of your house, including the living room, dining room, and bedroom. It is built with sturdy materials, so you can use it comfortably for a long time. After a long day of tension, use this standing fan from OX for ultimate comfort. Detail: Posing Fan incredibly effective blades quiet and windy Elegant Height adjustment and swivel. 100% copper wire coil.


  • Top class quality 
  • Advanced technology 
  • Stylish design 
  • rust free guard
  • super brand

What is the price of a electric fan?

The cost of electric fan in Nigeria range from #5,000 to #80,000.

Are Electric fans any good?

Based on our thorough analysis, electric fan is quite good but, you cannot compare it to air conditional.

Which model of electric fan is best?

According to our research, the best electric fan is Qasa Yoga 18 Inches Electric Standing Fan QSF-18YOGA. Try to note that, all electric fans listed here are good.

What is the Best Shopping Store to Purchase electric fans Online in Nigeria?

The answer is Jumia Nigeria, where you can simply get a electric fan on the world market for a very reasonable price.

Is Jumia a Trustworthy Site to Shop electric fan?

Jumia is a reputable e-commerce website that has been online for a long period. It uses HTTPS and is SSL-certified for security. In order to completely protect the safety and security of our vital client data and money, our payment procedure is safeguarded with cutting-edge encryption methods. Buying a rechargeable fan on Jumia is safe.

Wrapping Up Electric Fan price in Nigeria

You have to be aware that electric fan price in Nigeria can be slightly different in each state or store.

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