Best Kitchen knife and prices in Nigeria 2023/2024


One of the most important tools a cook would have in the kitchen, is a n excellent knife set. Knife sets come is various types, according to various brands. However, it’s important to look into the types of knives that exist, and which type of knife is considered the best kitchen knife, and reasons behind its position. One of the most concrete importance of a very good kitchen knife is that it aids effectiveness Some kitchen ingredients like meat or vegetables, are best consumed in accurate sizes. They’re however, resized or chopped with the use of a very good knife. The key important factor in considering an excellent knife amongst others, is the price of the knife.

Types of Knives

There are several types of kitchen knives that exist, and some of them are: – Chef’s knife – Santoku knife – Paring knife – Bread knife – Utility knife. The Best of which exists Among the above listed knives is the Chef’s knife

Chef’s knife

While other knives have specific functions to perform, the chef’s knife can otherwise be referred to as an all rounder. This is because it’s the most versatile type of Knife. The name, “Chef’s knife” was given to it because of its effectiveness in the kitchen, as it’s used for slicing of meats, chopping of vegetables, cutting of food ingredients, and lots more. It usually ranges from 15cm to 30cm (6” to 12”), with 20cm (8”) being the most common size. Its design construction is of a three-layered steel knife ensures lasting durability with unmatched sharpness.

Price range of chef’s knife in Nigeria

There are variety of prices of the chef’s knife depending on the quality, and the brand that produces it. Here, at Nairaprice, we’ll be providing you with varying degrees of prices.

Budget-friendly prices: In the budget-friendly range, the price of the chef’s knife can be found between 2,000 Naira to 10,000 Naira. These knives may have stainless steel blades and basic handles, and will as well serve you well for everyday kitchen tasks.

Middle range prices: This is a slightly higher budget, and the price ranges from 10,000 Naira to 20,000 Naira. In this price range, higher quality is observed, and more suitable for improved craftsmanship.

High-end prices: Some reputable brands produce chef’s knives in the range of 20,000 Naira to 30,000 Naira. These knives are found to provide the best balance of quality and durability, with better blade materials, for effectiveness

Factors Affecting the Price of the Chef’s Knife in Nigeria

Blade Material and Construction: The type of steel used for the blade can exceedingly influence the price of the knife. High-quality, premium steels like high-carbon stainless steel often tend to be more costly than lower-grade stainless steel. Furthermore, the construction of the blade, such as whether it’s forged or stamped, can also impact the price.

Brand Reputation: Established and respectable brands often control higher prices due to their channeled description of quality. These brands invest in research, and expansion, which can contemplate the price of their chef’s knives.

Design and artistry: Unique designs, and blade patterns, in the knife’s construction can contribute to the cost of a higher price. Custom or handcrafted chef’s knives are often priced at a higher price tag due to the involved.

The nature of Demand and Supply: Dynamics of market, availability, and demand for specified brands can affect the price. Limited editions, or knives from famous suppliers may dictate higher prices due to their exclusivity and desirability.

Additional Features and Accessories: If a particular type of the chef’s knife is found to be creatively designed with additional features and designs, it tends to be made with materials of special prices, therefore enhancing the price of the knife as well.

Where to Buy the Best Kitchen knife (Chef’s knife) in Nigeria

The chef’s knife can either be purchased from local kitchenware stores, or online platforms and websites. Among the local kitchenware stores are:

• Shoprite: This is a shopping mall found in almost all the states in Nigeria. The kitchenware section provides authentic kitchen knives ready to be purchased • The Kitchen Store: There are varieties of kitchenware sold at different rates in this shopping mall. It is a renown kitchen mall situated in Lagos and Abuja.

• Kitchen Republic: This is a popular kitchenware store situated in Lagos. They offer kitchen essentials and kitchen knives for both professional chefs, and home cooking chefs

• Local Markets: They are found everywhere. However, there are some that are majorly specialized in the sales of kitchen essentials. This is important to note, as it’ll aid easy location for the Best kitchen knife to be purchased While among the online platforms and websites are:

• Jumia: This is an online platform that sells variety of household equipments, which kitchenwares aren’t exceptions.

• is an online platform that renders services of buying and selling of items, including kitchenware. Here, the trading service of both new and used kitchen knives can be seen.

• Konga: Konga is an online platform that has a user-friendly database. It allows clients to choose their preferred choice of goods. Among the goods sold therein, is the sales of kitchenware (chef’s knife inclusive)

Tips to making a smart purchase

Research and read Reviews

As it has been earlier discussed, the brand of the kitchen knife to be purchased should be considered, along with all other factors like: Blade material and construction, design and artist, among others. However, it is also necessary for one to make research and read Reviews about the kitchen knife product you’re about to buy. This will give you confidence in the purchase and use of the product. Other tips to take note of, in making a smart purchase of the chef’s knife are for one to:

• Consider personal preferences and cooking needs

• Compare prices and features


In conclusion, the price of chef’s knives in Nigeria can vary pivot on several factors. Factors such as blade material and construction, brand reputation, design and artistry, handle material and design, additional features and accessories, state of production, and the nature of demand and supply all subscribe to the pricing of chef’s knives in the Nigerian trading spheres The blade material and construction play an important role in determining the price of a chef’s knife. Higher-quality steels and higher construction techniques often result in a higher price.

Brands with renown reputations for producing top-notch knives tend to command higher prices due to their commitment to quality. The design and artistry of a chef’s knife, including blade patterns can also contribute to a higher price. Handle material and design are additional factors that affect the price. Premium handle materials can increase the overall cost of a chef’s knife.

Likewise, chef’s knives with additional features such as included accessories like sharpening tools may be priced higher due to the added value they offer When considering the price of chef’s knives in Nigeria, it’s important to remember that the price off the chef’s knife alone does not always assure the best durability or suitability for individual needs. Factors such as personal preference, and budget should also be noted when buying a chef’s knife.

Conclusively, finding the right chef’s knife in Nigeria involves considering the earlier mentioned factors and striking an equilibrium between affordability, functionality, and quality. By making research, reading reviews, and comparing prices, individuals can make informed decisions and find a chef’s knife that meets their requirements while fitting within their desired price range.

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