Best USB Mosquito Catchers & Prices in Nigeria 2022

Are you looking for the best USB mosquito catcher, or you want to know the original USB mosquito catcher price in Nigeria! Then, you’re on the right where you’ll discover everything you need to know about buying a USB mosquito trap in Nigeria.

Here you NAIRAPRICE, we will show you the best mosquito killer lamp, not only that, but you’ll also discover the best prices of the electric mosquito trap.

More so, you’ll get to know the features of these traps, where to buy one, and things to consider while looking to buy a USB mosquito catcher in Nigeria.

Are you ready to know all that? Let’s get started then.

What is a USB Mosquito Catcher

A USB mosquito catcher also known as mosquito lamp killer is a portable gadget that is used to trap mosquitoes. This lamp helps control pests thereby catching all types of insects.

The electric mosquito catchers are usually rechargeable, and that simply means it can be used when there in no light, in other words, when the electric is out.

Mosquito lamp killers come in different types, sizes, and brands, although they perform the same functions, i.e trap mosquitoes.

With that brief explanation, I believe you should know the uses of this device. So, let’s see the best USB mosquito catcher to buy in Nigeria.

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Best Mosquito Lamp Killer in Nigeria

While there are lots of electric lamp mosquito killer, knowing the best one to buy may be intimidating. That is why we’ve done the hard work to help you source for the best USB mosquito catcher in Nigeria with cheap price. Here are they;

Rechargeable Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp

Key Features

  • Omni-directional mosquito killing, a real and effective way to catch mosquitoes, circular purification, harmless human body.
  • Direct insertion type mosquito trap mosquito extinguishment lamp, highly effective mosquito extinguishment.
  • Long endurance, can support outdoor anti-mosquito.
  • Multi-dimensional bionic photocatalyst, emitting light wave, enhance attraction to mosquitoes.
  • After continuous testing, the upgrade is silent to eliminate mosquitoes, to achieve low noise operation, to ensure the quality of sleep.
  • Mosquito lamp, high-voltage power grid, namely touch or die.
  • Compatible with a variety of mosquito catching methods, according to the interface + with USB power cord.
  • External protective net, low energy consumption of physical mosquito eradication.
  • Portable handle can be hung up to kill mosquitoes, easy storage.

Mosquito-repellent Lamp Automatic Electric Fly Bug Zapper

Key Features

  • piders,Mosquitoes,Pill Bugs,Termites,Moths,Bed Bugs,
  • Electric mosquito killer lamp led bug zapper
  • Killing mosquitoes automatically
  • Mosquito-repellent
  • Mosquito repellent ultrasonic

Electric Fly Bug Zapper Mosquito

Key Features

  • Long life sevice LED lights with up to 40 Square meter coverage to entice the mosquito.
  • Enviromental design, low consumption with 5W power.
  • Strong suction that inhales the mosquito into the killer lamp.
  • Beautiful, simple and modern cover.

Portable Mosquito Killing Lamp Electric

Key Features

  • High-voltage grid kills mosquitoes and other insects immediately.
  • One button easy operation, keeps your living spaces safe from biting mosquitoes.
  • With top handle for easy carry, or hang anywhere you want.
  • Made of premium quality material, safe and durable for long lasting time.
  • 360° all around design, low consumption and low noise.
  • No chemical and no toxic substances, safe for both kids and adults.

Bacbity LED Socket Electric Mosquito Fly Bug Insect Trap

Key Features

  • Made of high quality materials for durability and safety.
  • Easy to install and use, no wiring required.
  • Amazing Christmas, party, barbecue, wedding or any other holiday decoration.
  • Create a warm and romantic night for your family

Mosquito Killer Lamp Price in Nigeria

While those above are our picks of the best USB mosquito catcher, you may still be asking; how much is a USB mosquito catcher or how much is a mosquito lamp killer in Nigeria.

Usually, a USB mosquito killer can cost anything from 3000 Naira to 10,000 and above. However, if you want to buy one, you should be budgeting at least ₦4,000.

Keep in mind that this is just an estimate, as the price of a mosquito lamp catcher may vary from store to store, and based on location. That simply means you can get it for less or even more.

Mosquito Lamp Trap – FAQs

Do USB mosquito traps work?

Yes, USB mosquito traps do work when used the correct way.

How does USB mosquito killer lamp work?

The way a USB mosquito killer lamp work is simple, all you need to do is get one, charge it, turn it on like a lamp, and place it in a strategic place where you always find mosquitoes.

How much is a rechargeable mosquito killer?

A rechargeable mosquito killer may cost anything from 3000 Naira to 10,000 Naira in Nigeria.

What is the price of electric mosquito killer?

The price of an electric mosquito killer ranges from 3,000 Naira to 10,000 Naira in Nigeria.


If you’re always being disturbed by mosquitoes and couldn’t have a good sleep, getting an electric mosquito killer lamp may be the only solution you need.

With this post about the best USB mosquito catchers and prices in Nigeria, I believe we’ve helped you know the best electronic mosquito trap to buy and where to buy them.

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