Best washing machine with dryer and prices in Nigeria 2022/2023

Best washing machine with dryer and prices in Nigeria: It is very essential to search for reliable and credible information before purchasing any product. You can choose from a number of washing machines in the Nigerian market today. This means that there are a lot of washing machines manufactured by different companies. But the major question here is; 

Which one of these washing machines is the best? 

Anyways, your search intent regarding the cost of the best washing machine with dryer in Nigeria will be satisfied.

Washing machine does spinning and vibrating dirty clothing while using the right quantity of water and detergents to make laundry comfortable. However, we are not online going to highlight the most excellent laundry machine with dryer in Nigeria, we will also provide you with the price of the machine.

Best washing machine with dryer and prices in Nigeria introduction continues below

Moving forward, as you have already known Laundry is one of those tedious household chores you have no choice but to do.

Therefore, spending time researching the best washing machine with dryer and prices is worthwhile. If you decide you want a washing machine, spend your money on a reliable company that produces units with superior washing capabilities and the highest care for your clothes. Scanfrost Company, in addition to Haier Thermocool, Samsung, and LG, is a fantastic brand you should take into consideration if you’re seeking for an excellent washing machine.

Therefore, top washing machines and prices are covered in-depth in this post, especially if you’re in Nigeria. But before we discuss the most excellent washing and their prices , a little introduction is essential.

Automatic Washing Machine

Mineral Wells, Texas’s Washing Machine Museum

Avco subsidiary Bendix Home Appliances introduced the first household automated washing machine in 1937 after filing a patent application in the same year.

 An independent firm, Bendix Corporation, had granted Avco a license to use the brand. This pioneering device was comparable to modern front-loading automated washers in terms of look and mechanical details.

Even though it possessed many of the essential elements of today, the machine had no drum suspension, therefore it had to be fastened to the floor to stop “walking” in order to function. The machine was also quite pricey due to the components needed. For instance, the drum speed change was made possible by a 2-speed gearbox constructed to a heavy duty specification, according to the Bendix Home Laundry Service Manual (issued November 1, 1946). (not unlike a car automatic gearbox, albeit at a smaller size). Due of the high expense of manufacturing microscopic electric motors, the timer was likely also fairly expensive.

Early automatic washing machines were sometimes attached to temporary slip-on connectors on sink faucets in order to access a water supply. Later, as dedicated laundry water hookups became commonplace, permanent connections to both the hot and cold water sources became the standard. Today’s front-loading European washing machines only have a cold water connection (referred to as “cold fill”) and totally rely on internal electric heaters to heat the water.

Many of the earliest automatic machines, which were installed in the basement laundry rooms of apartment buildings, included coin-in-the-slot capabilities.

Best washing machine with dryer and prices in Nigeria 2022/2023

Binatone Top Load Washing Machine

Binatone is also among the list of the best washing machine in Nigeria. It includes the Top Load Washer, which is currently among the market’s most adaptable and mobile washing machines. It comes in sizes between 4kg and 7kg. To spin clothes, simply attach the easily removable spin dryer tub from Binatone to the washer tube. Many small washing machines are incapable of spin-drying. This washer will survive for a very long time because to its waterproof and rustproof plastic casing, giving you a great return on your investment. It uses relatively little electricity as well.

Best washing machine with dryer and prices in Nigeria 2022/2023

Features of Scanfrost washing

  • Brand Name: Polystar 
  • Capacity: 6.5KG 
  • Power Source: 220V/50HZ, 
  • Quick wash 
  • Water and Energy saving 
  • Convenient to use 
  • Lower noise 
  • Easy to operate 
  • Safe and trustworthy
  •  Clean Wash 
  • Anti-rust plastic body 
  • Can be operated with generator

Kindly note, that the feature above is not applicable to all types of Binatone washing machines. Now, let’s check out the price of this one of the best washing machines in Nigeria.

Price of Binatone washing in Nigeria

The cost of Binatone washing machine in Nigeria ranges from #50,000 to #300,000. The price may vary in different locations and stores in Nigeria.

10 kg Scanfrost Washing Machine

The Scanfrost 10Kg washing machine is as good as any other because it has a lot to say about it. The machine has a spin dryer and a lovely body design.

Your garments will almost be completely dry after spinning quickly in the spin dryer to remove moisture. By doing this, you can shorten the time it takes for your garments to dry completely after each washing cycle.

The washer’s big 10Kg capacity should allow it to do all of your weekend laundry in just one cycle.

Price Range

10kg scanfrost washing machine price in Nigeria is #80,000.

Best washing machine with dryer and prices in Nigeria 2022/2023

Samsung DV90TA240AE, Dryer With OptimalDry Technology, 9 Kg

The is also of the best Best washing machine with dryer in Nigeria. Check out its features below;

Product Description

  • Intelligent parameter modification for optimal drying
    Innovative 2-in-1 filter: simple to use and maintain
  • A load up to 1 kilogram can be quickly and easily dried using the Drying 35′ program.
  • Check the status of the washing using the drum’s attractive illumination.

Class A +++ energy efficiency

Low energy consumption due to the use of heat pumps

Utilize less electricity to save money on bills and the environment. Your garments will be dried using heat pump technology, which is inexpensive, energy-efficient, and kind to the fabrics. The maximum energy efficiency class, A +++, was attained by using a coolant rather than electricity to heat the air.

Customization for your needs

Turning a door’s opening in a different direction

Decide which way the dryer door should open so that you can use the unit easily. The door’s opening direction can be changed to suit your demands and the installation site with ease. You can stop worrying about the wall’s proximity thanks to this method. Additionally, the dryer door is translucent, allowing you to see inside the appliance.

Easier clothing ironing

anti-crease capability

Your garments won’t need to be ironed once they come out of the dryer if you turn on the Anti-crease function, or ironing them will be considerably simpler. After the cycle is complete, you don’t need to remember to take the clothing out of the dryer right away. To prevent creasing, the drum will continue to rotate for an additional 180 minutes.

Ideal drying conditions


Offer clothing that dry quickly and are kind to textiles. The OptimalDry function makes use of three sensors to optimize the drying settings for the finest outcomes while protecting the materials. It keeps track of the humidity and modifies the drying cycle so that garments dry more quickly and with less energy use. Additionally, it adjusts the drying temperature to minimize clothing deterioration and serves as a reminder to clean the heat exchanger.

Simple to use and maintain

two-way filter

Maintain the dryer in a simple and practical manner. The ground-breaking 2-in-1 filter has two mesh layers that catch fibers and dust. By doing away with the heat exchanger filter, this approach ensures that drying performance is optimized and that the unit is simpler to maintain. Additionally, a specific alert will let you know when the filter needs to be cleaned.

Drying a small load quickly

program 35 for drying

Dry the clothing you want to wear quickly. You can dry a load weighing up to 1 kg in just 35 minutes* with the Dry 35 program. You may quickly dry the garments you require whenever you like.

The cost Samsung DV90TA240AE, Dryer With OptimalDry Technology, 9 Kg

The price og Samsung DV90TA240AE, Dryer With OptimalDry Technology, 9 Kg in Nigeria ranges between #500,000 to #650,000.

The cost Samsung DV90TA240AE, Dryer With OptimalDry Technology, 9 Kg

Wrapping Up Best washing machine with dryer and prices in Nigeria

Now that you have known the Best washing machine with dryer and prices in Nigeria. At the same, you have to be aware that washing machine with dryer price may vary in different stores.

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