Fish Dryer Price in Nigeria 2023/2024

Fish Dryer Price in Nigeria

Have you been willing to buy a fish dryer and you don’t know its price or even the factors that can determine the cost of fish dryer in Nigeria? Congratulations for finding this article, because in this post, we are going to give you the best guide that you could ever come across about the price of fish dryer in Nigeria.

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If you are here reading this post, it means that the questions that must have occupied your mind include; How much is a fish dryer in Nigeria? What is the cost of a fish dryer in Nigeria? Or how much does fish dryer costs in Nigeria? Whichever way you want to put it, the bone of contention is to know the price of fish dryer in Nigeria.

Fish Dryer Price in Nigeria

This article contains some information and exposures that would enhance you to make the best decision in choosing the fish dryer that works best to your satisfaction. If you’ve been skeptical about the price of fish dryer in Nigeria, as well as the types and key features, then this article is all you need. Read carefully as we analyze everything for you in a self-explanatory manner.

Fish Dryer Price in Nigeria (Cont.)

If you are a business mogul, perhaps you are planning on setting up a business based on sales of fish dryers; it is obvious that you need to know some basic things about your choice of business. Like the price and other factors. You need to know the best fish dryer and its price to recommend for your potential customers on request.

Even if you are a research enthusiast, I congratulate you for finding this post, because this is a post wherein we provide every data that you need, basically on the price of fish dryer in Nigeria. It is important to note that the price of fish dryer depends on the product’s type and merchant’s price tag, and delivery location.  For this reason, we implore you not to skip any part of this article, as it will go a long way to help you get the best information and experience.

Fish Dryer Price in Nigeria: Fish Drying Methods


The traditional way of fish drying is sun drying, however, it’s limited by weather, in adverse weather, and it takes a long time for drying. An outdoor environment maybe unclean, it will influence product price and demand in the market.


The modern method especially the hot air circulation dryer, which takes large importance in today’s fish drying, is used in industries for its well-designed sealed circulation system and automatic temperature control function. Fish heat pump dryer use the ambient air heat transferred to the surface of the material, the surface is wetted and evaporated. Fully use natural medium heating to dry, to achieve “zero “pollution emissions, energy efficient, safe and environmentally friendly. The fish drying system basic on heat pump technology and it can control the temperature and moisture automatically, suitable for dried fish, dried shellfish, fish glue, dried squid, shark’s fin, abalone, sea cucumber, shrimp and other fish, shrimp, shellfish, algae and other seafood drying.

A fish dryer machine uses hot air for drying. It is fast, efficient, and can reach a high temperature quickly. This means that it is more efficient than other methods. Furthermore, it allows for control of the drying process.

Fish Dryer Price in Nigeria: Price range

As it had been made clear in the introductory section that there are some certain factors that determine the price of fish dryer in Nigeria, consequently, the price variation of this item depends mostly on the said factors. 

Fish dryer price in Nigeria as at 2023 ranges from N60,000 – N600,000.

Charcoal Smoking Kiln | 50kg per Batch


This smoking kiln takes 50kg of fish per batch, it can be charcoal or gas-powered. Most smoking kilns used for smoke drying are very simple in design and construction. The Kiln is precise and simple to use and helps you to upgrade the production processes.

PRICE: ₦160,000


You can buy fish dryerfrom any of the following online vending platforms

  • JIJI etc.

Fish Dryer Price in Nigeria: Frequently Asked Questions

Which type of dryer is used for drying fish?

A variety of driers are used for drying fish, e.g. Cabinet drier, Kiln drier, Tunnel drier, Spray drier, Solar tent drier etc.

What equipment is used in drying the fish?

A fish dryer machine is a machine that dries freshwater fish by using hot air as a circulating medium. The heat is released from the polycarbonate sheet into the drying machine chamber through a duct.

How do you make fish dry faster?

How long does it take for fish to dry?

Dried fish is originally valued as preserved food. In modern era, where refrigerators are commonly used and we don’t really need preserved food, recommended salt concentration and time for drying are around 3% and 2 to 4 hours, respectively.

Why is salt used for drying fish?

Fish flesh contains 75-80% water (fatty fish, 60-65 %), and during salting some of this water is removed and replaced by salt. A concentration of between 6–10 % salt in the fish tissue together with the drying effect due to loss of water will prevent the growth of most spoilage bacteria, and hence preventing a loss.

Can you dry fish without salt?

Fish that do not use salt will go through a shorter and easier process such as the cleaning process, cleavage (if the fish has a large and thick size), and the drying process, while fish that use salt will have slight differences, namely the cleaning, cleavage, salting, and drying.

Which fish is good to dry?

Fish that is low in fat will keep for longer when dried. Try cod, flounder, snapper, or sole. Fatty types of fish include catfish, salmon, and shark. Any type of fish can be dried, however the lighter it is, the longer it will last.

How does a fish dryer work?

Mechanical Dryers

Fish are dried in a fan driven air-stream; the air is usually heated and, in some cases, the air can be recirculated to control the relative humidity.

Fish Dryer Price in Nigeria: Conclusion

The content you just read is about the price of fish dryer in Nigeria. However, it is important to note that the actual price of all the items written in this article depends strictly on some factors like the vendor’s price tag and the type of the corresponding item. Stay conversant with to get other relevant updates like this.

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