Kitchen Towel Price in Nigeria 2023/2024

Kitchen Towel Price in Nigeria

Are you in need of a kitchen towel and you don’t know its price or even the factors that can determine the cost of kitchen towel in Nigeria? Congratulations for finding this article, because in this post, we are going to give you the best guide that you could ever come across about the price of kitchen towel in Nigeria.

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If you are here reading this post, it means that the questions that must have occupied your mind include; How much is kitchen towelin Nigeria? What is the cost of kitchen towelin Nigeria? Or how much does kitchen towelcosts in Nigeria? Whichever way you want to put it, the bone of contention is to know the price of kitchen towelin Nigeria.

This article contains some information and exposures that would enhance you to make the best decision in choosing the kitchen towelthat works best to your satisfaction. If you’ve been skeptical about the price of kitchen towelin Nigeria, as well as the types and key features, then this article is all you need. Read carefully as we analyze everything for you in a self-explanatory manner.

Kitchen Towel Price in Nigeria (Cont.)

If you are a business mogul, perhaps you are planning on setting up a business based on sales of kitchen towel; it is obvious that you need to know some basic things about your choice of business. Like the price and other factors. You need to know the best kitchen toweland prices to recommend for your potential customers on request.

Kitchen Towel Price in Nigeria

Even if you are a research enthusiast, I congratulate you for finding this post, because this is a post wherein we provide every data that you need, basically on kitchen towel price in Nigeria. It is important to note that kitchen towel price depends on the product’s type and merchant’s price tag, and delivery location.  For this reason, we implore you not to skip any part of this article, as it will go a long way to help you get the best information and experience.

Kitchen Towel Price in Nigeria: About Kitchen Towels

A kitchen towel is quite simply any towel meant for tasks done primarily in the kitchen. They are more durable than other towels and made for absorbing. Kitchen towels are also hemmed with thick stitching around the edges for reinforcement, better keeping the towel intact over time.

Kitchen Towel Price in Nigeria: Price range

As it had been made clear in the introductory section that there are some certain factors that determine the price of kitchen towelin Nigeria, consequently, the price variation of this item depends mostly on the said factors. 

Kitchen towel price in Nigeria as at 2023 ranges from N10,000 – N20,000 per set

8pc Absorbent Portable Kitchen Towel Cleaning Cloth

Cost of Kitchen Towel in Nigeria


  • Brand Name:wu fang
  • Feature:Eco-Friendly
  • Material:Microfiber
  • Model Number:B651105
  • Item Weight:Other
  • Production:Scouring Pad
  • Usage:Glass


  • Model: TE4-1FUJJCFMBSC84
  • Production Country: China
  • Size (L x W x H cm): S 30*40cm   L 40*40cm 
  • Weight (kg): 0.02
  • Color: random L
  • Main Material: textile

PRICE: ₦ 17,200

3pcs/pack Dish Rags Cloths Kitchen Washcloths

Cost of Kitchen Towel in Nigeria


  • Material:Micro Fiber
  • Model Number:the goods for kitchen
  • Feature:Stocked
  • Feature:Eco-Friendly
  • Usage:Cleaning
  • Production:Scouring Pad
  • Brand Name:EH-LIFE
  • Item Weight:83-167g
  • Material:superfine fiber
  • microfiber:kitchen towel
  • household cleaning:household cleaning tools
  • pattern:plain


  • Model: TE4-1FUJJCFMBSC158
  • Production Country: China
  • Size (L x W x H cm): length*width 40.5*30.5cm,type 2 :length*width 29.5*29.5cm,type 3 :length*width 49*40cm
  • Weight (kg): 0.02
  • Color: type 3
  • Main Material: textile

PRICE: ₦ 11,500

6 Pcs Kitchen Anti-grease Wipping Rags

Kitchen Towel Price in Nigeria


  • Brand Name:wu fang
  • Feature:Eco-Friendly
  • Material:Other
  • Model Number:new
  • Item Weight:20g
  • Production:Scouring Pad
  • Usage: Kitchen


  • Model: TE4-1FUJJCFMBSC155
  • Production Country: China
  • Size (L x W x H cm): 25
  • Weight (kg): :20g
  • Color: white
  • Main Material: textile

PRICE: ₦ 12,000


You can buy kitchen towelfrom any of the following online vending platforms

  • JIJI

Kitchen Towel Price in Nigeria: Frequently Asked Questions

What are kitchen towels called?

Dish towels are used in the kitchen to wipe spills and dry dishes, as the name suggests. Made from terry cloth, dish towels come in a variety of colors and patterns. They are fluffy and soft and are usually made from an absorbent, durable material. People first started using dish towels in the early 20th century.

What to Look for in a Kitchen Towel?

Cotton is favored over linen for its more affordable price point, and resistance to rumpling around the edges. Low-pile threads are ideal because they leave behind minimal lint, and make for a more maneuverable towel.

How long do kitchen towels last?

Two Years

The frequency with which you replace your towels really depends on what you’re using them for. “A good thing to remember is to replace bathroom towels every two to five years and kitchen towels and washcloths every year or every two years, depending on their quality,”

What is the difference between a dish towel and a kitchen towel?

A kitchen towel is a broad term used to describe towels used in the kitchen. These include both tea towels and dish towels. Usually, what makes kitchen towels different from other categories of towels is their ability to be absorbent and durable.

How many kitchen towels do I need?

An optimal number of towels for your kitchen should be the amount that you use between laundry days. If you use a few towels every time you prepare dinner and only wash once a week, you should have around 14. If you use one, keep seven.

Do you wash kitchen towels?

As Meredith Carothers, M.P.H., a technical information specialist for the USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service, advises, “To eliminate bacteria, kitchen towels should be washed frequently in the hot cycle of the washing machine.” The hot water will help kill any bacteria that has accumulated.

Where is the best place to store kitchen towels?

The easiest is to mount a towel bar to the back of a cabinet door. Most people choose to do this under the sink because it’s conveniently located where you need towels most often. You can also use a towel bar pull-out to hang several towels. Companies like Rev-A-Shelf have units for both of these solutions.

Kitchen Towel Price in Nigeria: Conclusion

The content you just read is about the price of kitchen towel in Nigeria. However, it is important to note that the actual price of all the items written in this article depends strictly on some factors like the vendor’s price tag and the type of the corresponding item. Stay conversant with to get other relevant updates like this.

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