Best palette knife and prices in Nigeria 2023/2024

Best palette knife and prices in Nigeria: Journeying with us, the best palette knife in Nigeria shall be examined in this article. Knives do not only exist in the kitchen. There are other types of knives that exist that do not have any function in the kitchen. One of them is the palette knife. Palette knives are versatile tools used to create a variety of effects in both oil and acrylic painting. They come In almost all different shapes and sizes, each designed for a specific purpose, different from another. Whether you’re looking to create smooth, even layers, or textured effects, worry less. There’s a palette knife that can help you achieve your desired look.

Here at Nairaprice, we will examine the various types of palette knives available, and what each shape and size are used for. Other be Factors to consider while choosing a knife palette, the features and price of the best Palette knife. Whether you’re an expert artist or just starting out, this site is the best place for you to learn more about palette knives, as introducing them into your painting process can be an exciting way to develop your painting skills.

Types of palette knives

As fore-mentioned, there are different sizes and shapes of palette knives, and the purposes they serve are as well different. Among the popular types are:

  • The spatula type
  • The scraper type
  • The serrated type
  • The wave type
  • The forked tip
  • The fan type

The Spatula type:

This knife is one of the most common types of palette knives. It has a straight edge that is perfect for mixing paint on the palette and creating smooth layers on the canvas. The knife has a flat shape that makes it easy to spread paint over large areas, making it a great tool for background work in painting.

The Trowel type:

This type of palette knife is wider and flatter than the spatula type, which is ideal for applying thick, textured paint. When the paint is applied in a thick, layered manner, the trowel shape is great for creating impasto effects on the canvas.

Other types of palette knives

The scraper type:

The scraper type has a pointed tip, used for making fine details and lines. It is also used for creating detailed work or effects, such as applying hair, fur, or other textured effects

The Serrated type:

Not only kitchen knives have serrated types of knives. The serrated type of palette knife has a set of uneven edges which is great for removing paint from the canvas or creating a textured effect.

The wave type:

This type of palette knife has a special form of appearance that can be used for blending paint and creating unique textured effects.

The forked tip:

Just as the name implies, it has a very pointed tip that can be likened to that of a fork’s own. It is great for creating a variety of brushstrokes from wide and sweeping to fine and detailed. The forked-tip palette knife is also best for creating fine details and lines.

The fan shape:

A fan-shaped palette knife is a versatile palette knife that can be used for a variety of techniques. The fan shape is great for blending and smoothing paint, as well as creating textured effects. Just like the forked-tip Palette knife, the fan-shaped palette knife is also used to create a variety of brushstrokes, from wide and sweeping to fine and detailed.

Factors to consider while choosing a palette knife

Flexible blade:

The blade of a Palette knife Should be flexible, but sturdy. The flexibility of the blade would allow it to work at curvy edges, and create evenness in the artwork

A comfortable handle:

A comfortable handle is important in a Palette knife so as to avoid it from slipping off and causing the artwork to get ruined. The comfortable handle makes the palette knife very easy to use.

Benefits of a palette knife

Using the palette knife in Nigeria brings all sorts of wonderful effects to your artwork, ranging from bold color blocking to subtle texture, and a lot more. They are particularly more useful when working with thick oil paints because they help blend the colours together smoothly while still allowing you to maintain control of the pigment concentration. Also, since there are no bristles on the end of the knife, this makes it easy to achieve sharp lines and edges that would otherwise be uneasy to apply with brushes.

Another great benefit of using a palette knife is that you can use it to create interesting textures on canvas or board without having to resort to time-consuming techniques like sponging or stippling. You can also use them for scraping away layers of paint or adding highlights by lifting off excess pigment from areas you wish to lighten up. They are also great for mixing colors together without leaving brush marks behind and avoid making the artwork a mess.

The best Palette knife

Among the various palette knives that exist, only one is considered to be the best of them all. The most considered to be the best palette knife, is the Sinoart palette knife set of 5.

Sinoart palette knives set of 5

This set of palette knives has excellent Blades, which its material is made of stainless steel metal material. It has good elasticity, and it is not easy to rust. This feature enables one to be able to use it for a long time.

This set of knives has a very comfortable and Friendly Handle. This is described to have an excellent hand feeling and working freely in the hand of the user. It enables a very firm holding, which avoids slipping off the hand of the user or making a mess.

The sort palette knife set has a Multi-purpose Usage. This enables it to be widely used in various paintings such as Oil, Canvas, Acrylic, and more. It has different knives which have different drawing methods, and it creates diverse painting performances. This is because there are different painting methods, and there are peculiarities in each painting.

The best palette knives have a Well-made Design, as created by the manufacturers. There are curved stainless steel bars to connect the blades between the handle. It is unnecessary to prevent the touch of a finger from the painting. The blades can be avoided from losing and falling out.

It is very easy to clean these sets of knives, as the quality of the stainless steel material does not need one to spend extra time to wash out. This set of knives is very self-accessible.

Cost of the best palette knife in Nigeria

However, the price of the best palette knife set in Nigeria ranges from between ₦6,850 to ₦8,000. This makes it more pocket friendly and can be gotten from anyone who is ready to get it.

The affordability of the cost of the best palette knife set, tallies with how easy it is for one to purchase from anywhere one seeks it. It can be either gotten online or at any local store that deals with the sales of art or work tools. Some examples of places where the Sinoart palette knife set of 5 can be gotten online are Amazon and Jumia.


Sinoart Palette Knives has 5 Great sizes, with Flexible blades, and no cutting edge. It is a blunt stainless steel tool used for mixing or applying paint, with a flexible steel blade. The set of primarily used for applying paint to the canvas, mixing paint colors, adding texture to the painted surface, pasting, etc. They can be together with brushes when applying paints onto a canvas to create great impasto effects and lay down flat colors. Suitable with sinoart oil paints, sinoart water mixable oil paints, dimension acrylic paints, satin acrylic paints, and mediums.

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