Best knife sharpener and prices in Nigeria 2023/2024

Knife sharpeners are as important as knives, themselves. Their purpose in the kitchen is as essential as making effective use of a knife. The importance of a sharp knife cannot be overemphasized in any kitchen or culinary environment. A blunt knife does not only hinder the effectiveness of a knife but also slows down time, which leads to poor time management. Another notable effect of a blunt knife is that it compromises safety. Which means a sharp knife is rather sharper than a blunt knife. To avoid the above stated effects of a dull knife, the importance of a knife sharpener comes in. In Nigeria, there’s been a rapid growth in the market of knife sharpeners. Kitchens and kitchen users value the significance of the knife sharpener in the kitchen. The availability of the kitchen sharpener in Nigeria is with a wide range of options, in attendance to suit every budget and preference.

Here at Nairaprice, we will examine the best kitchen knives available in Nigeria, together with their prices, in accordance with the current period/years 2023 and 2024. Perhaps you’ve got a blunt knife in your kitchen, with so many things to handle with it, why not stay behind, and read through this information?

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Types of Knife sharpeners

Before going into distinct knife sharpeners that exist, it’s important to figure out the different types of knife sharpeners that are available on the market. There are two main categories: manual sharpeners and electric sharpeners.

1. Manual Sharpeners

Manual sharpeners are generally affordable, quite accessible, and very easy to use. They require little amount of manual effort to achieve the desired outcome of sharpness. There are a number of manual knife sharpeners, But there are two common types of manual sharpeners. They are whetstones and honing rods.


Whetstones are abrasive stones used to sharpen the edges of blades through honing and grinding. They come in various grit levels, enabling you to determine the level of coarseness for your sharpening desire. There are different types of whetstones – oil based, water based, natural, and synthetic whetstones.

Honing rods: Honing rods, also known as chef’s steel, butcher’s steel, sharpening steels, are long, cylindrical rods made of hard steel or ceramic. They don’t really sharpen the blades of a knife as sharp as they should be, but rather, hones the edges of the knife

2. Electric Sharpeners

Electric sharpeners are knife sharpeners that require the use of electricity. They are more convenient and faster, as they use electric force to sharpen blades, which aids efficiency. There are various types of electric sharpeners, but the two popular types of electric sharpeners are:

Power Belt Knife Sharpener:

Belt sharpeners make use of abrasive belts that spin to sharpen the blade. It operates on a fully adjustable precision sharpening guide. It’s useful for almost all types of blades, such as straight and serrated blades.

Wheel sharpeners:

Wheel sharpeners are known for their speed and efficiency. They have abrasive wheels that grind the knife’s blade to restore sharpness.

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Factors to consider while choosing a knife sharpener

It is very much advisable that you don’t just go to the market and purchase any random knife sharpener. There are some key features that must be in place first. Some of them are making sure that they’re easy to use, they’re cost-effective, and also safe to use.

Must be easy to use:

A knife sharpener must not be difficult to use, as this will delay the value of efficiency it is supposed to have. A knife sharpener must be very easy to use, in order to save time. Though in most cases, a user’s manual comes with the product package, but a good knife sharpener must be able to be handled by the buyer by the buyer without making references to the user’s manual.


A knife sharpener must be safe to use, and must be able to prevent accidents from happening. The abrasives of a knife sharpener must be very sharp. This aids the sharpening of the knife blades better. But, it must be structured in a way that the user would not be injured while using it.

Cost-effective/ price:

The price of a knife sharpener is one of the most important factors to consider while choosing a knife sharpener. One must go for a product that’s balanced with one’s budget plan. However, it’s important to note that the price of knife sharpeners vary due to a number of factors. These factors may be the materials used in its production, its efficiency, the ergonomic design, and availability.

The Best Knife sharpener 2023/2024

Best products are often difficult to determine, because almost all products in the same categories have same features that are enough to be categorize d as the best of their types.

However, some of the top knife sharpeners that are believed to be the best, available in Nigeria, trending through the years 2023 and 2024 will be placed attention, on both manual and electric types, assessing their components, advantages, and price ranges.

Chef’s Choice Trizor XV knife Sharpener

This knife sharpener is an electric knife sharpener that has been tested and trusted to be the best Knife sharpener because of its exclusive features as included by the manufacturers. It’s known to exhibit the feature of “3-stage of the kitchen knife sharpening system”. It has the Edgeselect system which uses 100% diamond abrasives to Sharpen edges. This makes up the first 2 stages of the sharpening system. The third stage system uses patented disks to polish blades.

The electric sharpener is not to be used on blades/knives that are less than 20-degrees. Its specificity is that it converts 20-degree knives to 15-degree knives which makes it very much easier to cut things. It also has Diamond abrasives. This aids it to easily sharpen blades and edges.


  • 25.4 x 10.8 x 10.8cm

The knife sharpener is very easy to use, as it is equipped with an on/off switch, and sharpening takes approximately one minute.

However, the prices of the best electric knife sharpener, vary based on some factors. The price of the Chef’s Choice Trizor XV knife Sharpener, ranges from between ₦150,000 – ₦350,000.

4 – in – 1 Longzon Knife Sharpener

The 4 in 1 Longzon knife sharpener is considered the best manual sharpener because of its unique features. Among these exclusive features, is its sharpening process. It has a multifunction of three step sharpening process, which can be coarse, medium, and fine. It transforms blunt knives into very sharp blades due to its effective sharpening ability. However, this manual sharpener is only suitable for plain knives, for example, the chef’s knife. The 4 – in – 1 Longzon knife sharpener, although considered the best manual knife sharpener, isn’t suitable for serrated knives.

It has a Non-slip rubber base, which prevents falling, or slipping off the users’ hands. It is perfectly suitable for both right-handed and left-handed users. The knife sharpener is also very easy to use, and its description, is printed on the user’s manual of the product


  • 24.2 x 8.8 x 4.9cm

Furthermore, the knife sharpener comes with a pair of cut-resistant gloves, to avoid accidental cuts on the hands of the user.

The price of the 4 – in – 1 Longzon knife sharpener is based on location, and other manufactural factors. In Nigeria, the product ranges from between ₦20,000 – ₦40,000. It is however important to make a budget plan, before making a purchase of the product.

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Knives don’t have spare parts, and this is why they need to be well maintained. Knife sharpeners are as important as the knives themselves. The knife sharpeners are of two major types, which are the manual and electric types. However, the cost of the best knife sharpeners are determined based on locality, materials used, and availability.

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