Price of Rug Per Yard in Nigeria 2023/2024

Welcome to this page. If you are here reading this, that means you must have been doubtful about the exact price of rug per yard in Nigeria, its types and significance. If that’s true, then this article is all you need. Read carefully as we analyze everything for you apprehensively and self-explanatorily. 

When it comes to a modern way of floor covering, rug installation is as effective as other options like carpets and others. Its modernized way of beautifying your residual space, either your bedroom floor, living room floor or other relevant spaces of interest can’t be overstated.

price of rug per yard in Nigeria


As a professional interior decorator, not only do you need to master your dexterity, it’s quite imperative that you need to know the modern way of designing a top-notch interior  that would fulfill your client’s satisfaction. Knowing that using a rug as floor coverings is one the most modernized way of interior designing, which is why we present to you the price of price of rug per yard based on qualities and type. Here at, we would give you some exposure on the exact price of rug per yard in Nigeria.

Also, if you are a potential entrepreneur, maybe you are planning on setting up a business based on rug sales; it is obvious that you need to know some basic things about your choice of business. Like the price and other factors.

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Even if you are a research enthusiast, I congratulate you for finding this post, because this is a post wherein we provide every data that you need, basically on the price of price of rug per yard. It is important to note that the price of rug depends on the type, size, merchant’s price tag, and the quality.  For this reason, we implore you not to skip any part of this article, as it will go a long way to help you get the best information and experience.




Does your space have all wood or tile floors? Walking around on such hard surfaces can be a little uncomfortable and cold. Installing a soft rug will quickly transform your floors from dull to a luxurious one. A runner down your hallway or area rug in your living room will make your space feel much more comfy and homey.


One of the most practical benefits of rugs is their ability to absorb sound. If you can hear echoes in your home or feel as if conversations can be heard across the entire house, area rugs should be next on your list for home decor.

The more plush and thick your rug, the more efficient it will be in absorbing sound and reducing noise.


Staying warm during winter is hard enough as it is when you’re outside, so the last thing you need is a freezing home! While running your heater is an obvious solution, you might not realize that one of the best uses of rugs is for insulation.

Save some money on your energy bill by laying down dense area rugs in each room to help retain heat. Take it a step further by supplementing with an insulated rug pad underneath as well.


Not every house has ample natural light to brighten up each space. If you have a room in your home that is particularly dark and secluded, opt for a light rug to help illuminate the area and make it more inviting.

You can even use big area rugs for your living room, bedroom, or dining room if the color palette you chose is on the darker side. Remember, your accent rug doesn’t have to be bright white. Play around with neutral tones or pale shades that complement your home.


Another benefit of rugs is their ability to connect separate spaces. You can easily create a more cohesive design within your home by incorporating different types of rugs that share a central design or color theme.

This example works best with traditional-style homes that are divided into multiple rooms rather than having an open floor plan. With so many walls and divisions, it can be tricky to maintain a consistent flow throughout the space. Rugs help to create unity and a visual connection.


Open floor plan homes are all the rage right now, but how exactly do you establish rooms in a space with no walls? That’s where area rugs come in handy. Just as rugs can connect a space, they can also divide a space just as easily.

Use big area rugs for your living room, dining room, and any other space to zone off those areas and anchor your furniture. The rugs help to set clear boundaries and transform one big room into distinct living areas.


One of the most important rules of interior decorating is to include a variety of textures within your home. Besides blankets, pillows, and furnishings, rugs are another major home decor item that can get the job done! Lay down different types of rugs with interesting textures to bring depth and contrast to your home. It’s a quick and simple way to enhance your home’s interior design style.



The protection of the entire household is in jeopardy of having too many textiles in the living space. The rug is more receptive to fire in case of accidents. Fire is a common accident in households and we must ensure that we do everything we can to prevent that from happening. Even with pre-engineered floors, having a rug will induce a speedy way of spreading fire throughout. If having one is inevitable, we highly suggest locating them within a distance from the fireplace, candles, or even plugs. It would be best to rearrange the layout of the space in order to prevent these kinds of accidents from occurring.


As much as it looks fancy having them on the living room floor, it can be quite a challenge preventing dust from accumulating on the rug. What we do not like about it is how they peep through the fibers of the carpet which can be difficult to remove. It requires time and energy to maintain every now and then.

When they are not deeply washed, they can compromise the health of the household and even guests. This can be quite the trouble, especially for households with kids. If maintenance is too much for you, it would be best to not work the living room with one and look for smarter alternatives instead.


Just like any other textiles in the house, a rug requires additional maintenance than the curtains, sheets, and other coverings. A rug is in need of deep cleaning and maintenance to prevent circumstances that may compromise the health of the household. More than just needing to put them in the wash, it needs to be vacuumed to perfection to go through its fibers. These clouds of gray powder from outdoors and all over the place will peep through its fibers. On average, it can absorb and acquire kilos of dust on a yearly basis.

There may be plenty of advantages having a rug is accustomed to but disadvantages like this can compromise the upper respiratory health of the household. It affects the holistic health of the family from breathing, allergic reaction, and even sleeping problems.


A rug’s ability to absorb smell works way more than a curtain. Textiles are pretty absorbent with a smell. As much as you want to spray all the air fresheners all over the place, it could not cancel out the fact that the smell remains.


As it had been made clear in the introductory section that there are different types and qualities of rugs which consequently determine its price variation, the price of rug per yard in Nigeria as at 2023 ranges from N4,000 to N5,000. It is important to note the size of rug you would need for your bedroom or sitting room depends on the size of the space by square meters. See how to calculate your room size in correspondence to the size of the rug you will need below.

Basically, measuring for carpet is just a matter of measuring the length and width of the room, then multiplying them together to get the square footage. If your bedroom is 10 by 15 feet, you’ll need 150 square feet of carpet for that room.


You can buy rugs from any of the following online vending platforms

  • JIJI etc.


How many rugs per room?

If you have a particularly large room, divide it into zones and use a different rug for each one. The rugs don’t have to match, but they should be tied together by color or pattern. For most average-size rooms, a rug should cover all but approximately 1 to 2 feet of bare floor between its edges and the walls.

Why are large rugs so expensive?

An expensive rug will generally be made out of high-quality wool, silk, or other natural fibers. A more moderately priced rug, on the other hand, is often made out of synthetics, like polyester, olefin, or nylon, or even low-quality wool or a natural fiber such as jute.

How do you calculate a rug?

Basically, measuring for carpet is just a matter of measuring the length and width of the room, then multiplying them together to get the square footage. If your bedroom is 10 by 15 feet, you’ll need 150 square feet of carpet for that room.

How do you calculate a rug?

Basically, measuring for carpet is just a matter of measuring the length and width of the room, then multiplying them together to get the square footage. If your bedroom is 10 by 15 feet, you’ll need 150 square feet of carpet for that room.


The content you just read is about the price range of rugs per yard in Nigeria. However, it is important to note that the actual price of all the items written in this article depends strictly on some factors like the vendor’s price tag, the product’s type, as well as the quality and design of the corresponding item. Stay conversant with to get other relevant updates like this.

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