White Cement Price in Nigeria 2023/2024

If you are on this page reading this, that means you must have been skeptical about the exact price of white cement in Nigeria, what it is used for, its nature and specifications, as well as where exactly to buy it, if that’s true, then this article is all you need. Read carefully as we analyze everything for you apprehensively and self-explanatorily. 

price of white cement in Nigeria

When it comes to construction business, white cement is as important as other materials. Its significance can never be overemphasized because when it comes to general construction and decoration, white cement comes in very handy. As a professional building contractor, not only do you need to know  the amount of bags of white cement that you need for a particular construction work, it’s quite imperative that you need to know the price of a bag of white cement also. If you fall into this category, say no more, because here at nairaprice.com.ng, we would give you some exposure on the exact price range and where to buy high quality white cement.


Also, if you are a potential entrepreneur, maybe you are planning on setting up a business based on cement sales and building materials in general; it is obvious that you need to know some basic things associated with cement (white cement principally) production, source, price and other factors.

Even if you are a research enthusiast, I congratulate for finding this post, because this is a post wherein we provide every data that you need, basically on the price, nature and uses of white cement. It is important to know that the price of white cement depends on the product size and quality.  For this reason, we implore you not to skip any part of this article, as it will go a long way to help you get the best information and experience.

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White cement also known as white Portland cement is a kind of hydraulic cementing material which is made of white cement clinker with low iron oxide content, gypsum, and other mixed materials. It is similar to the common gray Portland cement in function, physical property, and other aspects except for its high degree of whiteness.

The white cement manufacturing process is more complex. White cement can be used for building decoration, craft product materials, waterproof materials, floor tile materials and so on.


The use of White cement in construction process can never be underrated because it is used for general construction and decoration. It can be applied with colour pigments for making decorative mortar.

It is one of the preferred choices for architectural decoration, making idols, wall patterns making, and so on. White cement is a building material that comes in very handy when it comes to road construction because it helps out in light reflection.

price of white cement in Nigeria


As it had been made clear in the introductory section that there are some certain factors that determine the price of white cement, consequently, the price variation of these materials hinge mostly on their sizes, qualities, and location. 

The average price of white cement in Nigeria as at 2023 ranges from N2,000 – N9,000.

We’ve made so many researches and collected some data on the price of white cement in Nigeria. Therefore, we disclose to you the price list of white cement based on sizes, and company’s price tag in the table below.

White Gypsy cementN7,500 – N8,000
50kg Dangote CementN3,500 – N4,500
Acute white cementN3,000 – N4,000
GT White CementN7,500


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Does white cement crack?

White cement can be useful in filling gaps and cracks if used properly. White cement tends to shrink after drying so a proper mix of cement with sand and water will be helpful for filling the gaps. There are many variants of white cement by different cement companies available in the market.

How long will white cement dry?

8 to 10 hours

The drying time for white cement is very similar to standard portland cement. The mix should be set in about 30 minutes, then is likely to properly set within 8 to 10 hours.

Does white cement fade?

The advantage of using a white concrete mix is that it will not fade. Painting or staining gray cement can risk chipping or fading over time.

Is white cement strong enough?

Production of white concrete with a compressive strength between 25 and 50 Mpa is possible by using white cement. It was also found out in study that white concrete had higher compressive strength than normal gray concrete. The strength in Portland cement comes from calcium aluminate present in it.

What is another name for white cement?

Snowcrete is the commercial name given to White Cement. The color of a structure is very important in the perspective of the architectural point of view. White cement produces a concrete with perfect and uniform color throughout.

How many bags of pop cement is needed for a room?

How many bags of cement will plaster 1 Room (exterior and Interior)? To plaster 1 room, you’ll need 6 bags of cement since you’ll need about 3 bags to plaster the internal walls.

Is white cement and pop same?

The primary difference between white cement and POP (Plaster of Paris) is their composition. White cement is made from limestone and clay, while Plaster of Paris is made of gypsum. As far as the strength goes, cement is stronger when compared to Plaster of Paris.

How much is Joy white cement in Nigeria?

₦ 2,564.00 ₦ 2,230.00

White Portland cement is used for decorative works and for prestige construction projects. White cement is used to produced brightly coloured concrete and mortars.

Can we add sand in white cement?

Can white cement be mixed with sand? To get true white mortar, you must mix white cement with white sand. Once you have the ingredients in place, make safety your next concern. Cement looks harmless but is very caustic.


The content you just read is about the price of white cement in Nigeria. However, it is important to note that the actual price of all the items written in this article depends strictly on some factors like the vendor’s price tag, the product’s type, as well as the quality of the corresponding item. Stay conversant with nairaprice.com.ng to get other relevant updates like this.

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